Pet Shop Construction

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but anyway, let's get to the updates, shall we?

The only update I see for now is the Pet Shop construction.

As you can clearly see from the picture above and the picture below, the Pet Shop is now under construction for update I assume.

From the picture below I can tell that there will be a new puffle options system update sometime this coming March.

I like the new look of the puffle playercard, other than the current one. What about you? Be sure to leave your answers in a comment!

~Cool Boy 714

Fire Extinguisher Pin

Hey everyone!

Sorry I'm late on this post, my Internet messed up a bit yesterday. Anyway, the newest Club Penguin pin is the Fire Extinguisher pin.

This pin is located at the Lounge, the second floor in the Night Club.

Club Penguin Field Ops #31 Cheats

Since I'm in a hurry to post on my other blogs at the moment, I'm going to rush through this post. Anyway, let's begin.

When you login to Club Penguin, your WPF Phone should be blinking with a red light. Click the phone. After you click the phone, a screen like the one below should popup. Click the 'Go There' button.

Now walk over to the EPF board to the right of the screen and when the message comes up, click the 'Accept' button.

After you accept your mission, go to the Dock and walk to the room in the bottom right of the screen. After you walk in there, go to the room on the right side of the screen again.

You should now be in a room which has a lot of trees. Walk over to the specified area as shown in the picture below and then the field ops should start.

Well, that's the only post for now!

Message From Gary

Hey everyone!

Today when I logged into Club Penguin, my EPF Spy Phone was blinking with a blue light. I clicked the phone and a message from Gary came up. Here is a picture of the message I received:

He basically tells us that there is a new EPF Class. The new EPF Class is the Tech Class. To view the available items in this class, click on your EPF Phone and click the selection that is in the top left of the phone. After that, look to the left and click on the "Tech" option.

Well, that's the only post for now!

Help Choose the Next Club Penguin Pin

Hey all you penguins!

Today, Billybob posted on the Club Penguin blog asking us to help choose the next Club Penguin pin, which will appear at the Stage during the next play. Here is the picture from the Club Penguin blog:

I voted for pin number two. That pin would look cool on a playercard in my opinion. You can vote by clicking here.

What pin did you vote for? Be sure to leave your answer in a comment below! :D

Message From Protobot

Hey everyone.

Today when I logged into Club Penguin, my EPF Spy Phone was blinking with a blue light. So, I clicked the phone and a message from Protobot came up. Here is an image of the message I receieved:

Hmm... I'm guessing Protobot is going to strike Club Penguin again if we don't surrender our computer mainframe. Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens! ;)

Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition Cheats

Hello all you penguins!

Just recently, Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition! I'm here to tell you all the cheats and walk you through the expedition. So, let's get started.

First of all, go to the Dock. You will see that there is a new path to the right. Walk over to the new path.

Now, you might want to pick up the Expedition Hat item at this time.

The next thing you will probably want to do is walk to the right and get through the maze. Here are the answers to the maze:

  1. Right
  2. Right
  3. Up
  4. Right
  5. Down
  6. Left
  7. Down
  8. Right

Now since your through the maze, there is another obstacle you have to get through. After you get through that, walk over to the barrel and walk inside it.

Now that you have been lowered down to the Shore, you have to build the boat. After the boat is built you have to buy the Life Jacket (if your a member). After you buy the Life Jacket and put it on your penguin, you should be able to walk into the boat and sail to the Brown Puffle cave.

After you get to the island, walk into the cave and from there you will be able to adopt your own Brown Puffle!

Here is an image of me and my Brown Puffle:

Anyway, that's all for this post!